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The Straniero's Past Experience

The Straniero has been performing around the world since 1986. In 23 years of experience he's played in some very prestigious and strange situations. Here's a list of a few...

2013 Coke Studio T.V. show on MBC network covering all of the middle east

2013 Dubai Global Village

2012 Hyatt Regency Hotel-Macau, China

2012 Festival FITA-San José, Costa Rica

2012 Bydgoszcz Buskers Festival, Poland

2012 Berliner Gauklerfestival, Germany

2012 Dubai Festival Center

2011 Capri-Hollywood International Film Festival

2011 Ann Arbor, Michigan-Festifools

2011 Soundtrack for the film The Cardboard Village by Ermanno Olmi

2011 Dubai-Festival of Eid, Mall of the Emirates

2010 Skronk-one man band festival, Rome

2010 Pelago on the Road Festival, special guest as returning two time prize winner

2010 Ann Arbor, Michigan-Festifools

2009 Natale a Salerno

2009 played with an orchestra and chorus "Libiamo" by Verdi for the Nonnino prize. Director-Ermanno Olmi (VIDEO)

2009 Soundtrack for the film Rupi del Vino by Ermanno Olmi

2008 Ibero-Americano Theater Festival, Bogota', Colombia (STORY)

2008 played for several months as the 4th Hormonaut (VIDEO)

2008 Appeared on "Gip-Lo Show piu' Buono Che Ci Sia" (VIDEO)

2007 Special guest at the Capri-Hollwood International Film Festival (VIDEO)

2006 Participated in the Daidogei Buskers World Cup, Shizuoka, Japan (VIDEO) (STORY)

2005 Featured in two 30 second TV ads for Meiho Group, Japan (VIDEO) (STORY)

2003 Workshops in the juvenile prison, Roma, Italy

2002 Participated in the 25th anniversary of "Otto e Barnelli" Certaldo, Italy (PHOTO)

2000 featured in 3 episodes of WTTW's "Wild Chicago" (VIDEO)

1999 Performed in a Neopolitan version of Shakespeare's "The Tempest" directed by Davide Iodice

1997 Private party in Palazzo Ruspoli for Prince Dado Ruspoli

1996 Official mascot and judge for the Cannabis Cup, Amsterdam

1994 "On the Road Festival" solo winner Pelego, Italy (AWARD)

1995 "On the Road Festival" winner with "The Orsi Bianchi" Pelego, Italy (AWARD)

1995 The Stranierofono is recognized by the International Museum of the accordion, Castelfidardo, Italy

The list goes on and on....

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