Barbie’s Chic New Condo... (English)
Now that my daughter has reached 4 years old and is becoming a Barbie Girl I thought it was time to make her a Barbie World. I spent three months working on this house for her dolls. I have a habit of exaggerating on the details a bit. I spent a week just to incise the bricks into the plywood with a rusty handsaw, but the effect is quite nice. The outer walls are made from 10mm plywood. The floors are made from 4mm plywood that has one side covered with some kind of dark wood venire. The trim around the floorboards, doors and some of the furniture is made from thin strips of good birch from the hobby shop. The house is illuminated from 30 white LED lights set into wooden canals at the top corners of the rooms and it also has a real working electric fireplace. I couldn’t find any bathroom fixtures and so I had to make the sink, shower and toilet out of heat hardening plastic putty. They look pretty good if a little lumpy. I made the shower nozzle out of a mini blow torch and all the faucet handles out of small picture hanging hooks. My wife did all the interior decorating and decoupage in the bathroom. We mixed all the paints ourselves using all kinds of old paint that we had laying around mixed with white glue.

It was certainly a lot of work, but she does love it. We have Christmas decorations for Barbie’s house that we put up every year. Santa even wraps little tiny presents and puts them under Barbie’s little tiny tree. Now I just have to make a stall to go out back for Barbie’s horses!




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